Why invest?

With businesses operating in increasingly competitive environments it can be difficult to identify where efficiencies, differentiation and growth can be achieved.

The World Economic Forum teamed up with McKinsey to predict the impact that Automation and AI will have on the skills required by future employees. As per the video, number one on the list is “Social and emotional skills” and that’s where we come in.

A Better Version can help you get the most from your employees by developing their behavioural awareness and EQ and helping them to…..


  • Become more aware of their own emotions and how they impact themselves and others
  • Communicate better by understanding how to manage their own behaviours and those of others
  • Develop better more fruitful working relationships


  • Recruit and build strong resilient teams with productive working relationships
  • Build balanced teams where differences are respected and behaviours managed to effect positive outcomes
  • Encourage harmonious atmosphere where teamwork thrives


  • Grow genuine leaders who inspire their colleagues to achieve more than they thought possible
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Develop teams that deliver long term, sustainable success


  • Develop a culture where trust and openness allow individuals to flourish
  • Achieve more with the same resource by enabling teams to cooperate better and increase efficiencies
  • Gain competitive advantage by developing more productive, engaged and motivated employees

We honestly believe that learning how to improve the overall emotional intelligence of your employees will positively affect every aspect of your business – better motivation, better communication, better relationships, better creativity and productivity, better teams and ultimately, a better business.


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“EQ, more than any other factor, more than IQ or expertise, accounts for 85% to 90% of success at work…”  Warren G Bennis

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