Who cares?

Benefits of developing emotional intelligence

Frankly, we believe anyone who experiences emotions (and that’s all of us) can benefit massively from improving how they manage their responses to their own emotions and how they react to other people’s. You can’t have a business without people so it stands to reason businesses should invest in developing their employee EI

The benefits of mastering the various elements of emotional intelligence are enormous – people build and develop better relationships, are more resilient, have higher levels of satisfaction and businesses grow and develop as a result.

How many meetings have you been involved in where your boss has balled someone out in front of the rest of the team and made everyone in the room feel lousy?

Have you ever been humiliated and made to feel small because someone has spoken inappropriately to you or about you?

Have you ever lost your patience or temper with someone and made them feel demotivated and hurt?

How often do you witness colleagues over-reacting to some innocuous comment or behaviour?

Everyone can think of a few occasions when they have reacted to a situation that they have later gone on to regret. 

Whilst it seems like a pretty straightforward thing to do, learning to control and manage  emotions takes guidance, time and practice – although the benefits to the individual and businesses are huge.


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