Where can it help?

We honestly believe that learning how to improve the overall emotional intelligence of your employees will positively affect every aspect of your business – better motivation, better communication, better relationships, better creativity and productivity, better teams and ultimately, a better business.

Here are some examples of how A Better Version can positively impact your people, teams, culture and your business by developing your employees EQ.


  • Understand themselves and those around them better
  • They communicate more effectively and build stronger working realtionships
  • As result they are  more contented, motivated and productive


  • Developing EQ in your business will improve it’s culture
  • People will be more open and honest, happy to challenge the status quo
  • It will be easier to recruit and build balanced teams
  • Staff retention and your return on investment will improve


  • Interact better and collaborate with each other
  • Are more positive, confident and engaged
  • Can cope with new challenges and are more resilient 


  • Will have less conflict, negativity and stress 
  • Your workforce will be more motivated, productive and innovative 
  • Employees will take more pride in their work which in turn will positively impact the whole of your business 

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