We know how important it is to get the right people into your business and we have experienced first hand the challenges faced when making that final decision.

Imagine that you’ve been presented with a short list of excellent candidates, all of whom have the right qualifications, relevant experience and are suitably able to do the job.  So how do you make the final decision?

For many people it’s ultimately based on “gut feel” and you only get to see how recruits behave in the real world once you’ve signed the contract and got them onboard.

We use the information from the EQ-i 2.0® report to dig into areas of their emotional intelligence that will affect their day to day behaviour and ultimately, their job performance.

We highlight the subscales that need investigating and we create a bespoke synopsis of the report and offer up a series of targeted questions that will allow you to focus in on the areas of their emotional intelligence that will most affect their performance.

  • Recruit ‘a better fit’ for your team

  • Build strong resilient and productive teams

  • Improve staff retention and ROI

  • Improve employee behaviours through enhanced understanding

  • Take the guess work out of recruitment

Imagine someone who has high self-regard, high assertiveness and low empathy. The chances are that they will cause waves in your team (the good old fashioned “bull in a china shop”…).

Now think of someone with low self-regard, low assertiveness and high empathy.  You may have recruited the smartest person in the world, but the chances are you’ll never know, because they’re unlikely to speak up!

Uncovering the truth behind someones emotional intelligence will give you a much better chance of recruiting someone who will fit into your team and could therefore be the best recruitment tool you’ll ever use.

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