Understanding motivation

When asked by The New York Times why he wanted to climb Everest, British mountaineer George Mallory famously answered “Because it’s there.”  

He had no desire for fame or notoriety  – he just wanted to achieve something for himself – and it’s that sense of achievement that we’re trying to capture when we talk about motivation.

Motivation is all about trying to find that something that drives you to succeed – it’s a sense of purpose that enables you to continue on your path, even when things seem stacked against you.  It’s not necessarily about the next big pay check or the next rung on the ladder – those motivations are transitory and they tend to disappear as soon as you’ve achieved them.

What we’re talking about here is achievement for the sake of achievement. It’s that drive and desire for continuous self-improvement, constantly seeking out the next new challenge and remaining positive and optimistic when things get tough.

A Better Version can help your employees understand what truly motivates them and, in doing so, improve their chances of success.

What drives you – a mission, values or principles (or all 3)?  Is it a sense of purpose, a sense of duty, someone else pushing you or is it just something that you want to achieve yourself?

Understanding what motivates your individual team members will enhance your ability to assign tasks, carry out feedback and influence positive outcomes.

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