An introduction to EQ-i 2.0®

The team behind EQ-i 2.0® have taken the original concepts of emotional intelligence and developed a dynamic model that enables people to assess and develop their individual EI skills.

There are a great many things to learn about emotional intelligence, but at the start of your journey the two most important things to be aware of are that it can be improved and that it’s about finding a better balance, rather than trying to achieve a high score – there’s no passing or failing!

The first step is to take an EQ-i 2.0® assessment and once you’ve completed it, we’ll spend time with you to agree the best path for your development, whether that’s as part of an open-learning event, a company specific course or on a series of one-to-one sessions.  Our absolute preference is always to have people as part of a wider group so that they can get involved in interactive learning with colleagues and team mates.

It’s critical to understand that you’re unlikely to achieve balanced score by reading a book or attending a single course. It’s important to practice your newly found EI skills so that you’re continuously honing and developing them as part of your day to day. Think of it like learning the piano or how to ride a bike – it’s not going to come to you in a flash – you need to work at it until it becomes second nature.

We don’t believe that our job stops when you leave an assessment or a course that we run and we’re happy to offer people ongoing, one to one coaching.  We can attend team meetings, appraisals and one to one feedback sessions to help you understand how your behaviours are impacting the results you’re trying to achieve.

The very nature of a team means that challenges are going to arise and we believe that we can create incredible value by working with  individuals in the team and with the team as a collective group.

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