Coaching is at the core of what we deliver.  All of our clients start their journey by completing one of the various assessment tools that we use – DiSC, Five Behaviours or EQ-i.

The output from these is used as the basis for our entire engagement with each individual.

All of our coaching options are aimed at helping people to become more aware of themselves and their impact on others with the goals of enabling them to build better relationships, making them more resilient and ultimately making them more productive.

‘Having identified each individuals’ specific emotional intelligence fingerprint, we build bespoke solutions to help them evolve their EQ and develop the skills they need to succeed – as individuals, as teams or as leaders.

Whilst the majority of our client engagements are based on one-to-one coaching, we also offer team sessions along with open courses throughout the year where you can send 1 or 2 members of your team at any time.

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