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Your Company’s Greatest Asset

For years there was an ongoing debate that attempted to agree on what a company’s most important asset is. Depending on which department you work in there will be all sorts of financial, structural, operational and marketing metrics that spring to mind and then someone will get round to talking about culture, values and people.

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100% Happy With Your Team’s Performance?

It would be outstanding if you could answer yes, but I have to admit I’d be pretty surprised. We all strive to get the absolute best from our team and the individuals in it, but there’s almost always  something that gets in the way of perfection. I love Rugby Union and if you look at

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Cool Your Jets

7 Steps to Keep Yourself Calm What is it about emotions that get the better of us? Everything’s going well………….. ? – emotional! Everything’s going to rack and ruin………… ? – emotional! We all experience a constant and unavoidable stream of emotions in our lives – all day, every day, privately, personally and professionally. The

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How could they lose???

There were lots of very excited headlines last week leading into the weekends Ryder Cup in France. “Could this USA team be the greatest Ryder Cup Team ever?” “How can Team Europe beat this star filled Team USA?” Well the truth is that Team Europe didn’t just beat Team USA – they hammered them –

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Emotional Intelligence – an Oxymoron?

I was recently challenged to share my thoughts on whether emotional intelligence was an oxymoron. I guess it’s pretty understandable that if someone chose to take the two words at face value, it could be construed that they are potentially somewhat contradictory. Emotions are felt and experienced, not learned.  They are instinctive and automatic. Intelligence

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