100% Happy With Your Team’s Performance?

It would be outstanding if you could answer yes, but I have to admit I’d be pretty surprised.

We all strive to get the absolute best from our team and the individuals in it, but there’s almost always  something that gets in the way of perfection.

I love Rugby Union and if you look at the history of the game, there is one side that stands out across the years – the New Zealand All Blacks.

So, what is it that makes them so successful? 

Do they train harder than anyone else?  Do they have a huge talent pool? Do they start playing the game younger? Are they just naturally stronger, faster and fitter? Do they have magic hands and feet?

Whilst the answers do these questions are subjective (apart from the last one), there is one aspect of their teams that seems to stand out from all the other nations.


The New Zealand All Blacks have developed a culture that truly sets them apart and it’s summed up in two very simple sentiments:

“Sweep the sheds” and “No dickheads”.

The first refers to the fact that players take it in turns to tidy up the dressing room – regardless of their seniority or status. No-one is too big or successful to be humble.

The second is pretty self-explanatory and they admit to copying it from the Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby League side.  It doesn’t matter how good you are as a player.  If you think you’re a cut above everyone else and you’re arrogant, you won’t play for the All Blacks.

Be confident, not arrogant.

Emotional intelligence plays a huge part in enabling high performing teams to reach their goals and to maintain their standards and that’s why we’ve set up A Better Version.

We’re genuinely passionate about helping businesses increase performance across the board by working with their teams to improve their emotional intelligence.

By doing so, we are extremely confident that performance and productivity will improve, allowing you to get more out of your existing resources.

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