Cool Your Jets

Cool Your Jets

7 Steps to Keep Yourself Calm

What is it about emotions that get the better of us?

Everything’s going well………….. 😁 – emotional!

Everything’s going to rack and ruin………… 😱 – emotional!

We all experience a constant and unavoidable stream of emotions in our lives – all day, every day, privately, personally and professionally.

The biggest challenge that many people face is learning how to positively manage this relentless barrage.

Feelings (or emotions) lead to thoughts. Thoughts lead to behaviours and behaviours lead to results.

Emotions therefore directly affect the results we produce.

Learning how to cope better with them will improve how we perform on a day to day basis.

The secret to harnessing and taking control of our emotions is a 7-step process:

1.      Identify which emotion you’re feeling

2.      Understand the intensity (frustration and fury are both part of the anger family…)

3.      Figure out what’s triggering your emotion

4.      Break down your natural response – why do I respond this way?

5.      Work out a way to control your natural response – how would I like to respond?

6.      Learn how to manage or avoid the triggers

7.      Be more aware of your emotions and control or distract them before they grow too big

Our emotions directly impact everything that we do. The ability to manage them and become more emotionally intelligent will therefore affect our happiness, stress, productivity, collaboration, relationships, motivation, outputs, etc., etc.

A Better Version was set up with the sole ambition of enabling people to understand their existing levels of emotional intelligence and helping them to balance all of the skills required to build and maintain stronger, more productive relationships.

If you would like to learn more about how emotional intelligence can positively impact your business, please contact us at  or call us on 01780 43 73 43.

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