Improving performance through emotional intelligence

"As much as 80% of adult 'success' comes from emotional intelligence"

Daniel Goleman

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Business direction

"One study found 34% higher profit growth in firms with high EQ managers"

Robert H Smith Business School

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Individual challenge

"71% of top managers find EQ more important for business than IQ"

Joshua Freedman

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Developing emotional Intelligence

"Unlike IQ, EQ can be improved with training. This is known as brain or neuro-plasticity"

Travis Bradbury

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Individual growth

"Leaders can be very destructive or very inspiring. It depends on their level of EQ"

John Mackey

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A Better Version

Why should you be interested?

Every study into individual success shows conclusively that people with higher levels of emotional intelligence (EI) perform better.  We help businesses understand their current performance and we give them the tools and skills they need to enhance their collective emotional intelligence across the board.

Better Teams

Recruit and build strong, resilient teams with more productive working relationships

Better Culture

Develop an open culture where trust and openness allow individuals and teams to thrive

Better Leadership

Grow genuine leaders who inspire their colleagues to achieve more than they thought possible

Better Productivity

Achieve more with the same resource by enabling teams to cooperate better and increase efficiencies.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence measures an individuals ability to identify and manage their own emotions and to understand and deal with the emotions of others.  

When we refer to EQ we are referring to a measurement of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence impacts all of us – regardless of position or seniority – both professionally and personally.  At A Better Version, we passionately believe that improving EI will positively benefit all aspects of people’s lives.

Unlike IQ and personality which are deemed to be fixed in your mid to late teens, emotional intelligence continues to grow and develop throughout your life.  

Every available study demonstrates that companies with high EQ teams perform better.  Developing your companys emotional intelligence will positively impact all areas of your business and will deliver significant competitive advantage.

What is it that we do?

At A Better Version we use leading assessment, recruitment and coaching tools to help individuals and teams improve their EI skills and deliver better results.

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Using the worlds leading assessment tools, we enable our partners to evaluate and understand their existing EQ performance. We offer a full suite of emotional intelligence reports, covering individuals, teams, leaders and 360˚ assessments. We use these results to identify coaching and development opportunities to help people develop their EI skills to build better, more productive relationships.
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We work with teams and individuals to identify development opportunities based on their assessment results. Once everyone's on the same page, we offer one to one and group coaching sessions to build the collective EQ. Like all new skills and knowledge, improving your emotional intelligence requires work and practice. We help people understand the impact that individual behaviours can have on the group dynamic and performance.
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Recruiting new team members is a costly and challenging task for all businesses. We take the “gut feel” out of the final decisions by providing you with a detailed report on the likely strengths and weaknesses of each of your potential team members. We create a set of bespoke questions for every candidate to allow you to dig into the areas of interest. Taking the time to assess and understand how your shortlisted candidates score on EQ could be the most valuable recruitment decision you ever make!
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What is our core proposition?

Finding the right people

We use the worlds leading EQ assessment tools to help you recruit the right people for your business - people with the right fit to enhance your team's existing capabilities

Team and Individual Development

We have yet to find the perfect team and we work with organisations to build teams that work together openly and collaboratively to reach their common goals

Successful Outcomes

Regardless of how your business defines and measures success, we equip individuals with the tools they need to deliver what is asked of them and their colleagues